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                  About JiaYuan
                  Changzhou Jiayuan Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Changzhou Jintan HuiF...... MORE +

                  Research  Technology

                  Focus on customer needs, make plan for suitable for professional
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                  Fluorite resources Inorganic fluorine series productsOrganic fluorine series products Fluorinated pharmaceutical intermediatesFluorine containing pesticide intermediatesOther intermediates
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                  All over the world

                  All over the world

                  From the first day of the establishment of the far chemical, he made clear that the integrity of the world famous enterprise core. Today, all the way to practice. In China, the formation of a comprehensive customer service sales network. In the world, Jia Yuan chemical industry has opened up the integration of domestic and international business, launched an international product marketing strategy. Today, Jia Yuan products have entered the international market, recognized by the majority of customers.